Fax to Email and also Email to Fax - About, Features, and Types.

With most business services, a totally free 30-day trial permits you to experience the fax to email service before beginning to pay. Full-use memberships start as low as $6.95 a month. Numerous services offer bundles that permit users to send and receive hundreds of faxes a month for under $10. There are absolutely no activation charges for many of the fax to email services. In addition, a few services enable for a single 1 800 number that gets faxes into several e-mail addresses. Bulk faxing service is provided by some memberships. On the other hand, pre-paid cards enable users to keep a balance on a fax card that enables periodic faxing.

Desktop fax as to email applications incorporate with Microsoft Office so users may fax straight from Word or even Excel. The desktop variation of the service permits for the editing of a cover page or a digital signature.


Some accounts permit numerous fax numbers. Also, alerts might be sent out to a mobile phone whenever a fax is gotten. Some company allow for print to fax capability, whereas other enable users to send out and get faxes through their PDA or smartphone. Numerous services also support Mac end users.


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We give you a fax number and send incoming faxes to your email and iPhone (or iPad). Send a fax using email or the iPhone app as well.



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